Furniture factory – comprehensive equipment for restaurants and hotels

Furniture factory – comprehensive equipment for restaurants and hotels


Meble Radomsko model 14 thonet 150 lat

Meble Radomsko model 14 thonet 150 Years

Polish Furniture factory. Bent chairs and all equipment for restaurants and hotels.

Enjoy the highest quality furniture for cafés, furniture for restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, bar and café furniture.


Chair No. 14 (icon of the Thonet production’s design) has been produced in premises built by the Michael Thonet´s company in 1861 to date. This type of furniture together with a number of  different designs was exported by factory in Radomsko to 53 countries of the world last year; European Union, The United States of America, Japan and Australia in particular.



The availability of raw beech wood’s supplies was the main reason for initiation of the bentwood furniture production in Radomsko. As the technology of industrial wood bending was already well-proven by Michael Thonet it could have been used on a mass scale. Much like in the past air-dried cut lumber having its basic shape goes through the process of steaming in order to allow subsequent bending. After the final shape stabilization, which can take up to three weeks in case of complicated shapes, the product parts go through further machining, assembly, sanding and fi nishing with the required colours. Preservation of a fundamental part of technology and tradition enables us to warrant selected models to be free from construction defects for 5 years even if they are used in highly demanding public spaces. Although our seating furniture is “historyproven” it still undergoes special load and strength tests which simulate its demanding daily operating loads.


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